Esprit Home products are manufactured in Europe by using environmentally-friendly processes and under safe and socially responsible work conditions. Products are made from 100% renewable energy, leaving behind the smallest global ecological footprint. Sustainability is a keyword to the brand and is deeply rooted in company´s business policy, taking into account the social and environmental issues. The product range is very wide, offering bathrobes, towels, bath mats, curtains, cushion covers and plaids in different styles and colours. With the use of home textiles, it takes little effort to reflect the mood or the colours of seasons in interior design.

Esprit Home’s beautiful and durable home textiles help to create cosyness and colour in every customer’s home, regardless of the interior style or design. The brand constantly strives to innovation, offering its customers high quality products in a wide range of colours.

All Esprit Home towels are dermatologically tested, OEKO-TEX® certified and produced with the AIRpillow method, which makes the product super soft and fluffy while being gentle on the skin. The Esprit Home design team is constantly looking for the latest colour trends and draws inspiration from the world of fashion, interior trends – and of course, nature. The wide range of colours will make life easier for customers, so that everyone can find a product to suit their taste and preferences.

Respecting customers and the environment is the heart of the brand, as respect for people and nature is the basis of everything we do!


Esprit was founded in 1968 in San Francisco by people who wanted to create positive changes and who valued the cohesion and shared loyalty of different groups of people. More than 50 years ago, Esprit was already known for its positive and sustainable image, which is managed to maintain to this day. The mid-priced premium lifestyle brand offers high-quality and timeless apparel, accessories, bodywear, homewear, underwear and more. With simple, classic designs and thoughtful cuts, the products can be worn and used for more than one season, benefiting the customer, society as a whole and of course the environment. Esprit is committed to provide products that make every customer feel confident and as the best version of themselves.